The reality of today's Workforce:

ATLANTA, Jan. 3, 2020 – In Georgia, 4.2 million people have a criminal record (approximately 40 percent of the state’s adults) as reported by Second Chance Georgia and these working-age adults simply are not part of today's unemployment rate economy at a time when employers are beset by a pronounced labor shortage.

Who are these people? Almost everyone today is 1 degree of separation from a family member, friend, or neighbor who has been affected by substance abuse and the subsequent criminal records associated with it.

Since the 80's it has been deemed politically better to incarcerate those with substance abuse and mental issues vs. help them and this has led to the massive incarceration rate we have in the US today. Over 80% of all people currently incarcerated, on probation, or on parole have a history of substance abuse and/or mental illness and the subsequent undeserved felony record that goes with it. Unintentionally, the casualties of the war on drugs have turned out to be those suffering from these illnesses, their family members, and employers who need workers, not the higher-level drug dealers. Thankfully this is slowly but steadily changing.

On the bright side, many in this group are an untapped source of employee prospects who need and want a fresh start with an employer who is willing to step out and provide them a job opportunity. Many are working hard to rebuild their lives, their families, and work their recovery. Most are seeking gainful employment and have a desire to be a returned citizen. A job plays a key role in giving hope and living a productive life in their recovery journey. You can find the help you need, change lives, and heal families by providing a job opportunity for these fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, and friends.

Creating a Recovery Friendly Workplace is a 38-minute video presented by 1st Lady Kathryn and Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota and is the story of "Solid Comfort" a furniture manufacturer in their state who made the decision to become a second chance employer. It is an informative yet touching video that covers the many benefits and challenges of becoming a second chance employer. You will help your business, change lives, help rebuild families, and better your community if your decision is yes.

Creating a Recovery Friendly Work Place


Employers, if you are willing to accept an application and possibly hire these applicants, select "YES" on your Profile as a 2nd Chance Employer, you will receive more applications from local qualified job seekers because the stigma is removed from the hiring process. They know you will possibly give them a chance which creates the hope they need. You will meet people who have lived thru hell and survived, they are fighters, are very loyal when given an opportunity then treated with respect and allowed to grow.

Government incentives are available to help you hire these job seekers:

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