2nd Chance Job Seekers

Are you aware that 40% of the adult population in the US has a criminal record due to our nation's substance abuse epidemic? Substance abuse is finally being recognized as the medical disease it is, and not a moral failure. 

Do you have a history of substance abuse or mental illness? Are you actively working on your recovery? Have you been incarcerated?  Please don't feel bad, you are certainly not alone.  


Being honest and brief about your history goes a long way in the eyes of a potential employer. Most employers can handle the truth and are more interested in what you can bring to the table that will fill their employee needs to benefit their company than all the details of your history.
So what is important to the employer during the interview and the hiring process?
  • Will you pass a drug test?
  • How are you presenting yourself?
  • Are you groomed and dressed respectably?
  • How are you communicating? Are you looking them in the eye?
  • Are you truthful?
  • If hired, are you punctual?
  • Are you willing to listen, learn, accept responsibilities, and grow in your position to become a dedicated team player and eventually a leader?   
  • How are your relationship skills with others, whether fellow employees, supervisors or maybe customers? So very important!

These are considered soft skills and will help you get and keep a job. For many employers, these are more important than your experience and hands-on skills.

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